Razorock Switch and Lupo are live

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by guitarslinger, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. I fail to see how this Lupo model is even remotely related to a Wolfman other than the fact its a "razor"

    Lame marketing move IMO
  2. Interesting. The addition of the tab covers not withstanding, I’d say it looks pretty darn similar...handle and head.
  3. I think that unless you have both in your possession and shave with both, it is hard to make that statement.
  4. Similar to which Wolfman Head and Handle??

    It looks like a copy of a Gibbs head and a copy of a Charcoal Goods Handle.
  5. It may be the beauty of this idea... They're expensive and sell out in minutes. If you don't know the original, you have to assume he got it right... Lol.

    That said, I'm definitely considering ordering one. I will never have a Wolfman to compare it to, but I'll know if I like his.
  6. Looks similar to the WR series. Honestly though, except for minor differences, the CG, Gibbs head, and WR series all do look pretty similar to me. Though the Gibbs head doesn’t have the same drop of the safety bar.
  7. Not sure if you’re thinking about Wolfman’s open comb head. This “Lupo” head looks very similar to Wolfman’s Solid bar head. Here some photos from each respective manufacturer.

  8. Lupo is based on the WR1 head & to my eyes, looks to be a very close copy.
  9. Handle looks like Charcoal Goods bishop handle. I believe the head is a copy of the WR1.
  10. Yes handle looks like CG.
  11. I wish it was released in the silver (aluminum?) color, pictured above. Italian Barber only has what looks like a powder black color. Reminds me of the baby smooth. That was a soap film magnet.

    Probably won't stop me from buying it, IF it is tech smooth. Can't wait to see some reviews.
  12. Dragonsbeard

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    Not a fan of aluminum razors so I’ll pass. Handle definitely looks like the CG Bishops Handle and heads similar to the WR1 from what I can see from the photos but I’d like to see them side by side.
  13. I enjoy the GC .84 but I risked it and placed an order for these. I just hope this isn't one of those mild shavers like the DE89 and the Mamba and the Baby Smooth.
  14. Silver and Gold versions just released. Get all three!
  15. Aaarghhh. Hate when they do that. Trade black for silver anyone? Rats.
  16. I agree. This pic is the WR1 from Wolfman site, and the Lupo does resemble it more than both just being razors.

  17. Woo hoo i got a wolfman
  18. the RR Gamechanger looks like a closer copy to me... and its stainless steel!
  19. They got me too - I didn’t really want black but settled for it bcs I didn’t think they’d release the silver. Oh well

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