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RazoRock Soap-darn it!

I have the orange artisan soap. Love the scent, but I just don't get the lubrication from it like I do from the RR shave cream soaps. It lathers fairly well. I like to face lather. Seems I really have to keep it wet. Any tips?
what is "orange artisan soap"?

which "RR shave cream soaps" are you referring to?

You're descriptions and details are not very clear to me.
When you said "I have to keep it wet", it sounds like you already have it figured out.

It's a thirstier soap and likes more water....so, use more water :wink2:

I face lather and splash my face between passes, that may help if you don't already do it.
+1 on giving such a thirsty soap a lot more water. Besides possibly splashing water on your face between passes, you might want to frequently dip the brush tips in water or add drops of water to the brush's breach--frequently but gradually, experimenting until you get the lather to what you want it to be.
I've never gotten a particularly good lather from RR, personally; YMMV of course. It's not that I can't get it to lather. On the contrary, it produces lather porn worthy lather. I just don't find it to be as slick or protective as other stuff. But everyone else seems to love it so who knows.

I should add that my only experience is with the king Louis lavender.
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