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Razorock Razor - more efficient than the Wunderbar!

Is that RR Halo DLC handle Ti? Italian Barber's specs seem inconsistent.
It will be most interesting to see how the Lupo 0.95 stacks up to the Wunderbar. :)

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Razor: RazoRock Wunderbar (Ikon SE 90mm handle)
Blade: Silver Star (5)
Brush: Wolf Whiskers Tyrion (Maggard 24mm SHD Knot)
Lather: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Aftershave: Epsilon Mediterranean Blue
Fragrance: Classic Match Blue EdT Spray (Belcam version of Polo Blue)

Three passes + touch-up. No nicks, cuts, weepers or irritation.

The Wunderbar is a great razor - really efficient and effective. The Silver Star blade really complements it.

Really nice shave! :)
Is that an optical illusion or is the WB a single slant? I can't find any information about that.
Please tell me how it shaves!

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Received my Lupo DC head this afternoon. From US entry in Chicago, the USPS first sent it to Jacksonville FL, to get it almost as far away from Portland OR as possible within CONUS.

I scrutinized it closely, comparing to my GC-OC84, GC-JAWS, and Fendrihan V1 metal-injection-molded SS dual comb. After dinner, I had to try it, but not much stubble was available.

I touched up a neck swirl using a well broken in British Wilkinson and a smidge of Barbasol 1919.

First impressions:
1) Beautiful, well built and finished razor. Has an edge in visual interest over the GCs, and more smoothly finished OC teeth.
2) OC - perhaps a bit smoother than the GameChangers. Will have to shave side-by-side to sort that out, as well as comparative efficiency.
3) SB - no obvious efficiency improvement over the OC side, perhaps it was harder for me to find the angle.
4) I much prefer loading the Lupo with the blade alignment tabs on the cap, to loading the GCs with the alignment posts on the plate. If I wanted only one RazoRock CNC OC, I might pick the Lupo on the loading issue alone.
5) The Fendrihan shaves me very well, but fit and finish level makes it an also-ran. It had already moved to curiosity-cabinet status. It does have the shave angle engineered into the OC tooth and SB design, a marked contrast to the three RR razors.
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