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Razorock old type

Having recently acquired a Frankenstein Gillette new handled open comb coupled with a newer tech head and being an owner of a razorock teck ii (which I rate quite highly),I decided to purchase a razorock old type. Anyone got one of these and what do you think of it?
also purchased pinaud clubman musk to try out.
It's called the Old Type, but it resembles the Merkur 15c more than the vintage Gillette Old Type, It's somewhat more efficient than the Merkur 15c, though. It's a smooth and mild shaver, good for the person that shaves every other day or so.
I tried to like the RR Old Type because I also like the Merkur open comb head. The Merkur is too mild for me and leaves stubble no matter how many times I go over my face. The RR is a bit more ‘rough’ on my face and leaves it a little irritated but shaves a little closer. Cheap enough to try and may work great for you.
As others already have stated, the RR Old Type is a very mild razor head. Imho it shares the mildness of the Merkur 15C OC. Not a bad razor at all, just... well... very mild.
I recently purchased a RazoRock Old Type and have very favorable impressions after four shaves using an Astra Superior Platinum blade. For me it is far superior to the Merkur 15C. The RazorRock is more aggressive, gives me a smoother/closer shave, and has a heavier handle with better knurling. And I got it for about $10 less than what the Merkur cost me. For me, the results from the RazoRock were much closer to the Muhle R41 (my go-to razor) than to the Merkur 15C. About me: I have an average beard/skin and shave every other day, so YMMV.


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I have the RR Old type(some blade tab overhang) and it is a nice mild open comb razor and worth the money for some with sensitive skin. I also have the RR SLOC razor and it is a nicer razor for myself. RR SLOC is a touch above the RR old Type for aggression & efficentcy and it is hard to cut yourself, if you cut yourself your technic needs some improvement IMO.
I use to take my RR old type when travelling in Mexico because it was easy to get a CCS>DFS+ and not cut yourself reducing chance of getting infected in the tropical climate in winter months when it was to cold up in northern Alberta when our health was great.
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