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Razorock Lupo vs. DLC Lupo

My only razor now is the SS DLC Lupo. I had a couple .68 game changer sb’s and a .84 sb(plus the jaws.68 and open comb .84). The .68 was smooth but not efficient for me, I couldn’t get a decent enough shave for work without a lot of buffing which led to irritation. The .84 was smooth and efficient, but could bite me if I got lazy, which didn’t happen very often. The aluminum lupo was very prone to biting me and I didn’t care for that. The SS lupo has not bitten me once and that’s been one of the biggest surprises. The second surprise is how efficient it is with what is definitely a smaller gap than the .84. It’s a great razor and I may get a regular SS version if it comes out but don’t really need to.
They are up for sale tomorrow. :)
Just ordered my first .72 SS Lupo today after months of waiting for the 2nd generation design, I got what I wanted and there where different variants still available when last looked.
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