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Razorock Hawk V3 in stainless steel

Like the title says. Under New Arrivals on the IB website, you'll find a place marker page where you can do the email signup thing. Not sure what's new with the V3, except in the drop down menu an open comb baseplate is an option.
I’ve been watching for it to drop, but it’s been a placeholder for weeks.
Looks like the head is a bit slimmer and more refined. Really looking forward to seeing what the open comb is about.
I'm on a stainless steel kick now. When I saw this I did unearth my aluminum Hawk, gonna shave with it tomorrow and see if I'm interested enough to keep an eye on the SS version. I only used it for one or two shaves.
The V3 Hawk drop down menu makes it look like it will have three versions:

•Refined and all steel version of the aluminum V2 Hawk
•Open comb version I expect everyone will order
•"A" version which I suspect is the the regular straight bar only with more blade exposure

The V2 RazoRock BlackHawk is quite the stubble-nomming beastie. My poor FaTip Grande is all neglected due to it. But to have one in steel with a RazoRock barber pole handle (or Maggards MR-3) would be a higher realm of grooviness. Especially if the open comb feels as soothing as the FaTip Grande's
I had been checking the Italian Barber site regularly for a long time, waiting for the stainless steel Hawk. I finally gave up and bought the Enoch from Classic Shaving. Except for the fiddly blade loading, I think its an outstanding razor. Nevertheless, I may still buy the new Hawk when it finally lands.
Wrote to Italian Barber and was told the "A" baseplate is the most aggressive plate followed by the open comb and then whatever its standard baseplate will be in this design. The standard baseplate in the Hawk V2 is as efficient as all get-out, so I'm psyched as a kitten in a box of small, flightless birds and red dots.
What are people's thoughts on the Hawk V1 or V2 compared to the Vector & General?
My experience. I've tried Hawk v2, General Aluminum and General V2. I think Hawk is a terrific razor and they shave similarly but it is a bit less efficient and smooth compared to General V1 & V2.
It's not as smooth or efficient as a Vector, but its price point is very different as well. It is a great razor, I just do not like how aluminum feels on my skin. Steel, however, is my jam lol. That bring said, I will have one.
Thank you for the input. I've put my name on the notification list for a V3. For the price, it's a good option. It appears to not be the best option, just one of the better lower priced AC razors. I'll bite on that!
What are people's thoughts on the Hawk V1 or V2 compared to the Vector & General?
I had the Hawk alum V1 and I now have the V2. I have the General in brass and alum. They are all very nice razors. I find the General to be a bit smoother than the Hawk but the hawk is not bad it's just the General is smoother. All great buys.
I had the General in brass. It was very good, just not as smooth as I hoped. I sold mine. I prefer more weight than aluminum offers, so I’ll hold out for the SS Hawk. The Vector is still on my want list after trying in a pass around.
Have any gents ever compared RR Hawk v2 with ATT SE1?
ATT SE1 is quite smooth, but it is a bit too heavy for me.
My ATT SE1 has a Kronos handle.
(Hope my memory works.)