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RazoRock GameChanger - what makes it so good?

I have the GC in .84 open comb and .68 sb and Lupo .72 . Thses are the only two razors I use. I bought the .68 as a starter based on reviews and price. Went from the .68 to the Lupo because I wanted a more efficient razor. Then bought the .84 open comb so I could still get use from the GC. I feel no need to try any other razors but still have other plate options to try. Very happy with them. Polished them to a mirror finish with a jeweler's polishing cloth.


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Howdy! I've read this thread with some interest since I will soon be the proud owner of a RR GC 68P in a few days. People's opinions mean something to me. Especially, when I'm spending my hard earned cash on a luxury item. The thoughts and comments contained within are appreciated. Since I don't have the razor, yet, I can't really comment. But, if the GC 68P lives up to the hype, I'll be a happy camper indeed.


I have the following RazoRock SS milled razors: Mamba 0.53, Mamba 0.70 and GC68-P.

All of them are exceptional values, align the blade well, hold the blade tightly, cover the ends of the blade, all have thin heads aiding shaving under the nose and are very smooth in use.

The Game Changer is special because it is the most efficient of the three and the pricing was slightly lower.

I’m not sure what my next RazoRock razor will be. But it’s like I will get another.

The GC 0.68-P arrived today. I'll write more about it when I've had a couple of weeks with it. Beautifully machined and nicely packaged. It didn't come with a leather case. I guess they don't do that anymore? The finish, while not a jewelry like hi polish it is a very nice finish. Customer Service was exceptional! I'll fill-in more when I write my mini review.



My first shave today with my new RazoRock GC 0.68-P was a DFS. A brand new Astra SP blade, Proraso Sapone Da Barba, my trusty old Parker BCPB brush and my Dirtybird Shaving Scuttle. The only new thing was the razor, the brush and the Scuttle are over 10 or 11 years old. Like many of you, I like to take a hot shower before I shave. I leave my face nice and wet. The Dirtybird Scuttle gets filled with hot water from the tap. Both the upper and lower bowl (like a double boiler), the GC 0.68-P and the brush were placed in the hot water to soak whilst I took my shower. Out of the shower I lathered-up my neck and cheeks (I have a beard) and got to work. The first pass was WTG, I could tell this razor is a bit more aggressive than my current razor, but completely comfortable. The first WTG pass completed, I rinsed my face and lathered-up again for second pass, ATG. No problems at all. Squeezed a little soap out of the brush put it on my two problem areas, the briar patches on each side of Adam's Apple. Those spots and the left jawline are my toughest areas. When I started to go over the 'briar patch' I knew I'd over done it. I caught myself, but it was too late. The tiniest weeper and a little razor burn in the one spot. I do not blame that on the razor/blade, but on my sloppy technique. I've been shaving with a Merkur 23C and I can do pirouettes with that razor, so I've gotten lazy. Other than the one tiny weeper, this was a great shave! IDK if it's the best shave of my life, but it's easily "Top 5".




Congratulations on your GC. Hope you enjoy it. For my problem areas i lather the whole area ,wet hands and add more water to face. This makes the lather very thin and slick. Then make a long continuous pass atg or problem area. This has cut down on skin irritation on my problem area. For me this is my lower neck and jawline.
The 0.68P gamechanger is one of my most used razors last year. As I've moved more in the direction of mild shavers, the 0.84p is a bit more razor than I need. Both razors work well with almost any blade are very efficient and mild at the same time. My only suggestion for improvement would be to move the two pins on the base plate to the top cap, like almost every other razor.

I also use a Dirty Bird scuttle, they were all the rage a 'few' years ago. For more info, take a look at this (persuasive for me) B&B epoch thread: A Wordy Review of Three Popular Scuttles - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/a-wordy-review-of-three-popular-scuttles.60726/
Here is what I notice right away that is different between the Yates and the GC. The Yates bends/curves the blade more. So you would hold the Yates at a different angle than you would hold the GC to get similar contact with your face. If you put the cap from your GC on the Yates base plate (don't tighten it up, just to look at it) you will see that it clamps the blade at a different angle. The GC clamps the blade closer to the edge.
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Really awesome thought there, thank you - makes a lot of sense.
I REALLY respect the theme of value and quality that this thread is receiving. I completely agree on both counts. I actually started out with a .68 that was my first dive into a SS razor. I acquired a .84 plate a month or two later and it was a bit too aggressive with more blade feel than I prefer.

As far as "next steps" I found myself going with a Timeless. Again, the .68 SB was my first buy and it's 1 of 2 daily drivers. I followed up with a .95 base plate and again found it too much for me. YMMV.

Also, a huge thank you to the availability of the BST here on B&B. While I don't think my purchases have been frivolous it's nice to know there's an avenue to move some things on to happier homes.
When I first got my GC .68 I liked it, but I wanted more. So I got a .84 plate. It was too much for me at the time. I came back to it a month or so and it was awesome. So give yourself some time to adapt and I think you might find the .84 is really quite friendly.
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