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RazoRock for Old Town Shaving Inauguration Shaving Soap - A Review

Greetings B&B'ers!

I don't believe anyone has done a review yet of the new RazoRock for Old Town Shaving Inauguration Italian Lemon Shaving Soap, so please allow me to share it with you! :001_smile


The Inauguration soap is an exclusive shaving soap made by RazoRock for Stat's Old Town Shaving in Pasadena, CA. Though not available to purchase online or from any other vendor, including Italian Barber, a call to Damon at OTS will get you a tub shipped to you... as well as any number of other great shaving goods that he stocks. You'll also get a nice conversation with a good guy about our shared obsession with shaving :wink2:

The Inauguration Italian Lemon Shaving Soap has been mentioned as a resurrection or similar soap to the now discontinued RazoRock Artisan Caprician Lemon shave soap. More on that as we progress...

This soap is a veggie formula, and though I have compared it to a number of other RazoRock soaps I own, I could not exactly match it to any particular RazoRock soap line. It is most similar to the newer argan oil base used in the King of the Castle and Captains Choice soaps, however argan oil is not listed as an ingredient. Ingredient list is as follows: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Potassium Carbonate, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Alpha-Iso-Methylione, Citral Hydrocitroneliol, Citroneliol. What does all that mean? You got me, but as I said I don't recognize the formula, however, that isn't a problem based on performance.

As far as performance, this soap is right up at the top with the other RazoRock offerings. It lathers effortlessly and abundantly. The lather created is thick and creamy, great slickness and pillowy protection. In my experience, the lathering and lather itself is very similar to the RazoRock argan formula soaps like King of the Castle, which as many have discovered, is a simply fantastic soap. I do not feel that this is the same soap as the original Artisan Caprician Lemon, which was also a great soap. To me, the artisan series created a lather that was very slick and quite pillowy. This Inauguration soap is also very slick but leans more towards creamy than pillowy.
Though as an exclusive face latherer, my bowl lathering could use some work, hehe. But for your pleasure I whipped up some Inauguration using the RazoRock Semogue Amici brush. This was a relatively light loading, about 20 secs and I added a bit of water along the way.


Now the big subjective question: How's the scent? Out of the tub it is far fainter than when lathered. Judging by the tub alone will not yield a true picture of what to expect, and as it's so light you'll have to practically get your nose into it to get a strong whiff. Upon lathering however, the scent blooms and becomes much stronger and fuller. It is a fresh and clean, soap like scent. As far as what it smells like, if I'm being honest, which I always am, the Inauguration Italian Lemon has very little lemon going on. Occasionally I'll pick up hints of lemon, and occasionally I'll pick up hints that remind me exactly of the Lemon Fresh 409 cleaner we use on our kitchen counters (associating lemon scents with cleaning products is a common issue from what I've read, but no fault of the soap itself). If I had to classify the dominant scents in this soap I'd say they were more floral and soapy than citrus. Is that what Caprician Lemon smelled like? Nope. Caprician Lemon was definitely a lemon first scent, with other notes like florals hinting. Caprician Lemon used to also give me hints of cleaning products, but was more a Lemon Pledge than 409. LOL.
So basically, if you're expecting a soap that gives a great lemon based scent, I'd have to say this Inauguration does not provide that, though it is a very nice scent.

In summary, RazoRock for Old Town Shaving Inauguration Italian Lemon Shaving Soap is a great addition to the RazoRock lineup as well as a great signature soap for OTS. It provides great performance with a slick, creamy lather that is easy to create. The name and scent are a bit misleading, in that it is less lemon than you'd expect. And, it is not a resurrection of the RazoRock Artisan Caprician Lemon. I do highly recommend it for anyone, RazoRockers or not, and I hope my review will help to know what to expect!

Thanks B&B!
Nice review gentlemen, can't wait to try some. I have several RR soaps and not a dud in the bunch, was hoping to get more flavors but will have to wait till next year.
I know alot of other guys have this soap. I'm really interested to hear their impressions on scent especially, as well as performance and comparison to Caprician Lemon!
I think this review is very much aligned with me I will say that the lemon scent smells creamy not harsh and biting.
if you wear scents it will not interfere.
I used this soap for the first time today, as it is the first day of RazoRocktober. I bought it late last year, on a visit to The Old Town Shaving Company. I opened it once, for a sniff and didn't smell much scent at all.

When I was getting ready to shave this morning, I tried another whiff. I could barely detect a scent. So, I bloomed the scent, a la Douglas Smythe, with hot water while I showered. It brought up a bit of scent, but it's very, very light. I face lathered (with room temperature distilled water, as I am a cold water shaver) and a bit more scent was evident while lathering. Like John, the OP, I didn't get a whole lot of lemon. It's a very light, pleasant scent, but not lemon.

The performance was pure RazoRock all the way. Just great in every respect. I've used many RR soaps and I know the scents are light, but this one may be the lightest one I've tried.

Great soap, just not much scent. Oh, I'll continue to use it and it'll probably grow on me.
Thanks for the write up on this soap. While talking with Damon. I ordered ABC. He mentioned this soap I said sure added to my order my order should ship tomorrow
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