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RazoRock blemish

I love Razorock razors as they're reasonably priced and shave well but I've seen many issues regarding their customer service. I haven't seen an instance where they go above and beyond and assist with the issues but they do the minimum of either return it and you keep it. It's just what it is.

That's it in a nutshell. In my case they sent the wrong razor. Fully expecting them to respond that a new razor would be in the mail tomorrow, I was really taken aback when they essentially said too bad, like it anyway and here's a $10 credit. They had to be coerced into sending the right base plate for what I ordered. The ONLY good thing about their customer service was how prompt it was (an email reply within 15 minutes at 10:00 on a Friday night!). I sure didn't appreciate their sob story about cost and tight profit margins. Customers don't care about that and it makes them look very petty. I'd like to think threads like this would have an effect on them in some way, After all word gets out. But I doubt it. It's cathartic for you/us nonetheless.

My advice would be to sideline the razor and buy a new one from Yaqi, as the cost is relatively inexpensive. You can probably recoup a bit by selling the RazoRock version to someone who is willing to buy it for what it is. Just be upfront about it. Or, you can PIF it (again be upfront about the blemish) and reap some Karma points.
I've had that razor, without issue (PIF'ed it sometime ago). I'm sure yours was a fluke. Still, I can absolutely understand the hesitation of trying again, especially for the same item.

Have you tried Ali Express? They sell lots of Yaqi products. The site is a bit unwieldy but if you put enough time into it you can usually find What you're looking for.

For example, I couldn't find the yaqi melon, However I did find, "Yaqi Mini Red And Black Color Safety Razor". It looks like the melon, I believe, and has reviews calling it mild (like the Melon or RR would be).

I don't know where you are, other than New Zealand, but I put in the first option that popped up: Auckland, NZ and it is free shipping. Might be a safer / cheaper try if you are adamant about getting a double open comb. Picture is below.

Anyone try this... Is it the same as the RR / Melon?View attachment 1345859

I have some experience with Ali, and the red razor head is looking exactly like the sloc but with different coating. I might give it a go, it's not priority atm, but maybe later. I try not to order anything now, as christmas traffic is getting kicking the dead horse formerly called shipping... after the festive season perhaps... Thanks for the idea tho
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