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Razorock baby smooth available now!

...and they're gone.

I received the email from RR and decided to pass. He up'd the price to a cool $100 and I lost interest. Too many other options. I'm on Wolfman waiting list and would rather spend the $$ on a razor I can customize to fit my needs. I am sure the baby smooth I didn't order will show up on epay for $400 in a couple weeks and some fool will buy it. :laugh:
Yes, the price was very off putting. I believe they came out around $45 at first? Expecting the price to hold was too much to ask for. I passed on it too at that price :bored:
I purchased one at $45, which I feel is slightly underpriced, but I wouldn't have paid $100. However some guys really like these and $100 is certainly better than some of the eBay prices I've seen. I like mine, but for some reason it has the unfortunate (and perhaps undeserved) distinction of being my least-used razor.
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