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RazoRock Baby Blue vs. Floid Blue - Anyone?

Anyone out there tried both the RazoRock Baby Blue and the Floid Blue that can post up a comparison? The info on ItalianBarber.com states that the Baby Blue is made in Italy. I'm wondering if it is the same stuff or just similar......
Although the names and colour is similar, they really are quite different products. Both are excellent.
I reserve Baby Blue for winter since there is no menthol. Floid Blue, aside from its different scent, has a mild menthol hit.
RazoRock Baby Blue starts off with a citrus note then dries down into a powdery scent. It is a great scent and has excellent performance. For $20 you really can't go wrong. There is no menthol though so it's great in the winter.
Only similarity is that both are blue and both are in a glass bottle.

^^^NSmalls description is spot on.

Both are great, but Baby Blue's cost at IB is so good that it is hard to pass up.
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