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Razorine Flatboy 72

Awesome! Now that they have a regular DE baseplate I will order one so I can use my etched cap with it.
Used it for the first time today. Unexpected smooth and efficient. Very very loud. will use it for couple of weeks with different blades tp learn the beast.
Is this razor aggressive, or just efficient? Can you use it multiple days in a row? Is anyone able to offer some comparisons to other popular razors?
Received my Flatboy nickel plated from JJ Shaves Saturday. Took only five days from the UK. This morning was my third shave but the razor didn't feel or had that loud sound like my brass Flatboy. I noticed that there was a nylon washer attached to the bottom plate. When I removed the washer and screwed the handle tight about a quarter turn the shave sounded like the brass Flatboy. I finished up with a great close smooth shave.
Nickel Flatboy.JPG
I received the Flatboy. It was packed well outside the box but the parts were all in contact wrapped together with one piece of logo paper inside the box.

I planned to use my etched cap but unfortunately there were other changes since I got my Razorine. The slots aligning the cap and base are now narrower so my etched cap will not fit. I plan to widen the slots on the Flatboy base.

Quality of the finish of the cap is revealed in the pics. Rough but looks ok to the eye. The handle is nice but the edges of the knurled areas are sharp and catch the skin. Nice handle otherwise but I won't be using it. Although stainless steel (301, 304 and 310) and brass are only two metals apart and can be safely connected together with minimal risk of galvanic corrosion, brass would look better. Plus I'm not sure what type of ss the handle is made of.

I will shave with the stock Flatboy in a couple days and give a review.
Well rats! I ruined the base trying to widen the slots with a Dremel tool. I have asked @Gianni75 if he can widen the slots on a new base and send to me or if he will sell me another base so I can try again. Glad I didn't try to narrow the projections on the etched cap. If I had ruined that part there would be no going back since the etched design success was as much luck as skill. I doubt that I could get the same result again.
I ordered the Flatboy 70 from Soul Objects and really can appreciate the personal touch of the dyed box and handwritten postcard. I also got a travel pouch and a tuck of Gillette Minora blades. I haven't tried those, so was pretty happy.

As HDSledge mentioned the head and handle are in wrapped in the same piece of paper,so they must have been clashing whilst shipping, which seems a bit careless to me but if memory serves me right my Lupo was similarly packaged.
The finish on the top side isn't the best...spotty & a bit scratchy,perhaps because of the lack of wrapping?
The handle is a pretty heavy. Grip is alright on the knurling part but aweful in between. I feel it could have been shorter as well, but I have small hands - so probably just me.

The shave?
I put in a Treet Platinum, not the sharpest of razors which but it got me a very very smooth Wtg and ATG pass. This thing sings and vibrates like crazy, I love that! I didn't find it overly efficient or aggressive but that would probably be because of the blade.
Next shave will be with something sharper.

ClumsyBull already said it, the against the grain angle felt a bit weird to me. There was alot of tugging on my final pass, again this could be due to the blade, though I haven't felt this blade tug in my Rex. Then again, their heads are about as different as can get.

You'll notice it hasnt exactly won me over with the initial shave but I am fairly confident the blade is to blame.
More later...

Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. It's nice to find razors in durable metals for this kind of price . Canadians and Americans have Razorock, we pay about double for those. Very pleased to find more affordable options with in our great Union.

Today's shave was alot better.
Used a Treet 7 Days Platinum, PAA Cold Spices and finished up with SV 70th.

No tugging, just a smooth, loud and comfy shave.

Regarding the question about angle of attack, I'm not the most experiences user but it seems to be somewhere around 40 degrees? It's easy to detirmine, because you'll hear it cut once you find the correct angle.
Interesting observation because I read that a more shallow angle is the way to go - like a shavette. Being a steep shaver I like your observation.

And the mrs confirmed that this razor will be part of my birthday kit!! 🥰.


And with an amazing deal: two handles! And excluding shipping less than €40!

Yeah, steep angle indeed.

But I just wondered why it shaves steep... because it is a handle mounted shavette head indeed, as people pointed out.

I don't have the Razorine shavette so can't compare.
Given your current experience with the Flatboy @Iridian, how is the blade feel conpared to a Fatip Piccolo OC?

I saw some video reviews on YT stating that there is massive blade feel and absolutely a razor for big boys (not my words).

But the same was said about the Fatip and I find that a really solid performer with high efficiency rather than aggressiveness.


Razorine Flatboy 72

View attachment 1450699

This razor is still a bit an enigma for me. I don't know much about the company Razorine at all, apparently one person involved there is named Gianni and they are supposedly made in Italy.

I got this one from Soul Objects in Berlin, otherwise they seem to be only available at Shave Nation, I found no other sources yet.

There are two versions, both seem identical except for slightly different handles. The Flatboy 70 has some knurling, the Flatboy 72 spirals.
I would recommend the knurling, as the head is so very much rounded that I almost slipped the razorblade into my fingers thrice. Once only the towel saved me!

View attachment 1450700

This handle needs no washer, as it leaves a huge gap between plate and handle. It doesn't look as if this handle was made for this head, would prefer it to fit a bit more like the Blackbird. The diameter seems to be 12,5 mm, as it fits the stand of the Tatara Masamune Nodachi which has this diameter. The "heads up" for the red brush means that it is next in brush rotation, if anyone wonders about this detail.

View attachment 1450702

And lo behold, it also fits the polished Blackbird head nicely. The polish is more of a semi polish, it's not a high mirror, but quite shiny.

View attachment 1450703

Skulls & Razorbirds!

I disassembled the razor. The head is brass, the handle stainless steel of unknown make.

View attachment 1450701

I also shaved with it a few minutes ago, during the day. I could not resist.

1.) Aggressive to very aggressive. This one can bite if you are not careful! The blade touches the skin before the safety bar. Quite some exposure, but the gap is not that large.
2.) Shaves very steep - which is something I prefer, I liked that.
3.) ATG pass was barely necessary, WTG cleared almost everything. An "inspection pass" with my favored Timeless Slim found no renegade stubble. So I give it a very high efficiency.

The blade is exposed and does quite chatter and produce sound, but is also shaves extremely close. It is also even mild while doing so, but very much like the Wunderbar with high potential to cut deeply.

The head is very flat, it's easy to shave under the nostrils.

Verdict: Unlike Razorock razors this one isn't much into clamping or bending the blade, but works a lot of protruding blade and a relatively small gap, it is already way more aggressive than a Game Changer .84 or Lupo .95 at its suspected 0.7 gap.

The thread screws not as buttery and smoothly in as for my Timeless and some other razors. I think @Medivh will love this one. I would even buy another one with a full SS head. But that's just me, I have a steel fetish. The bronze head feels very good in temperature & weight and glides nicely over the skin.

P.S. I used a Nacet and Gillette Shaving Gel.
Looks like that handle was made for the Blackbird instead of the Flatboy....lol. Nice write up and review...thanks.
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