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Razor X - No Name Eastern European Razor

I'd been meaning to post about a razor I'd picked up from an Ebay seller in Bulgaria. I've seen many of these listed over that last year, and it had qualities I like in a DE razor: The head cap is wide enough to cover razor tabs, a tooth-guard comb, and finally, looked like the base plate was one thick piece of brass.


It's a travel razor, the handle is two pieces, one fits inside the other. Right off the bat I could tell the handle begs replacing. The head of this razor is huge, while the handle is smaller than a Gillette Ball End, and very light. Threading matches Gillette, but the post is on the long side, I had to use a washer on the threaded post for a Tech handle to work.


Another interesting thing about the threaded post, it's made of hexagonal stock, it's not going to work it's way free from the top cap. A nice touch. Here's the base plate compared to my Barbasol razor, showing similarity of design. Yep, it's bigger than the Barbasol.


So how does it shave? It's on the aggressive side, yet forgiving. While the Big Fellow or Barbasol can bite if you make a mistake, this one doesn't. If you don't hit the sweet spot you end up sliding the thing harmlessly on the tooth guard or head cap. With the proper angle however, it is very effective. So far, weepers and burn, but no nics.

I like this razor, I'll probably pick up the Sabi T2 or Weber Bulldog handle for it. I have to wonder where it's from.It's been described as Russian, but the quality is much better than that of the other Soviet era DEs I've seen. If you prefer a heavy aggressive razor, such as the Big fellow, Barbasol and R41, you would probably like this one.

A final note,I've seen this brand with both safety bar and open comb model. I can't help but think the safety bar model looks like it would give a really smooth, effective, shave.


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