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Razor Weight and it's Effect on Shaves

This morning I gave my new Super Speed a whirl with a Crystal but had an absolute miserable shave with lots of pull. It was not cutting close with every stroke and the blade was skipping over my whiskers.

My last three shaves were with my Fat Boy and a Feather although I've used Crystals with good results in the heavier Fat Boy. Since I don't apply any pressure when I shave does a lighter weight razor just not cut as close?

I am starting to think I have pretty tough whiskers since the best shaves I've had so far were with a Feather. I do a lengthy prep so I figured it was the razor or just a crummy blade. I may try a Feather in the Super Speed to test the bad blade theory but wondered what effect razor weight has on a shave.

Thanks in advance!
I tend to prefer heavier razors as I think they have a better balance and they feel like they naturally pull themselves.

That said, finding the right blade angle is a big key minimize drag.
The heft of a heavy razor makes it possible to shave with a downward stroke without putting any pressure on blade, your hand simply guides it across the beard. But that isn't true when you shave with an upward stroke. That's where I find that the true value of the extra weight is that it helps to steady the hand while shaving, much like a heavy barrel makes for steadier aim of the gun.

Practice helps. Some of my favorite razors are pretty light, such as with the Schick injectors. Changing razors can change the feel of how you handle it, the real trick is to learn and be aware of the "weight" of the pressure against your beard that works for you.
I have a Merkur Classic, a Progress, a Vision 2000, a Super Speed, and a Fatboy. All cut well with almost any type blade. However, the comfort level is directly proportional to the thickness of the comb.

The Progress and Fatboy give me the most comfortable shave, followed by the Vision 2K, the SS, and lastly the Classic which has the thinnest comb.

I'm not sure if there is a logical explaination to that or not. Perhaps the thicker comb makes the growth stand up straighter, offing a more correct blade angle before the blade cuts, thereby minimizing razor burn. :shaving:
not only does the razor's weight affect the shave, I've also found that different blades work better with different razors based on weight, for example, if I use a Dorco or Crystal blade, I have to use a lighter razor - superspeed, tech, krona, etc. - absolutely rough in my fatboy or 38C. Red Pack Personnas have been very good to me in any razor though. Derbys and Wilkinson Swords work best for me in my heavier razors.

The actual distance you get may be not equal to mine...
or YMMV :biggrin:
It probably has to do with balance and what you are used to. Once your hand gets used to a diferent weight razor, the shave improves.

I used to go between a Progress as my daily razor and a travel merkur for the trips and it did take a concentrated effort to get a descent result out of the first shave when going back to either one.
I prefer a heavier razor as well. I compare my Merkur HD 2 piece to my Merkur long handle 3 piece. I like the handle length better on the long, but I like the heft and width of the handle of the HD.

The long handle I have been using more and will continue to do so, but I like the HD all around better. The weight difference makes me keep my mind on things as not to use more pressure.
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