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FS Razor Sets + Soap Samples: Blackland | RazoRock | Feather SS

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Clearing out the den to make room for new rabbit hole acquisitions. :) All prices include CONUS shipping with tracking and PayPal G&S fees. I am the original owner of all items listed.


❤️‍🔥 Blackland Sabre Set ❤️‍🔥

Used twice and presents as new. A beautiful modern GEM razor that just isn't receiving the attention it deserves. The L1 plate punches above its weight class but it is the milder of the two Sabre options. If you want the more efficient L2 plate, pick it up separately and you will still be ahead versus a new purchase of both. Set includes:

🔹 Blackland Sabre L1 [machined finish]
🔹 2 Personna GEM PTFE blades (original from Sabre kit)
🔹 Your choice of 2 soap samples from the sample options (first come first serve)


😍 RazoRock Hawk V3 Set 😍

Lightly used over three months. This could be your introduction to the Artist Club format or a leap to the wonderful build quality of RazoRock stainless steel razors. New to the format? Start with the effective and friendly standard plate. Then move up to the OC for multi-day growth or higher efficiency. Set includes:

🔹 Hawk V3 Standard Plate
🔹 Hawk V3 Open Comb [OC] Plate
🔹 RazoRock Barber Pole handle [New]
🔹 Shick Proline AC Blades (estimate 25-27 remaining)
🔹 Your choice of 2 soap samples from the sample options (first come first serve)


🚀 Feather AC SS Straight Razor Set 🚀

Testing the waters on SR shaves or just wanting to bump the efficiency up from conventional guarded AC razors? The most mild and guarded version of Feather AC blades are included to provide an accessible migration to full control of shaving engagement. Set includes:

🔹 Feather AC SS Straight Razor
🔹 Feather Soft Guard AC Blades (estimate 11-13 remaining)
🔹 Your choice of 2 soap samples from the sample options (first come first serve)


🎁 Sample Soap Options 🎁

Selection of sample soaps is a free option with each purchase, as described in each respective razor set listing. Extra soaps are listed to allow for a broader choice of option. Sample options include:

Barrister & MannLe Grand ChypreMedium
Barrister & MannCologne RusseHigh
Barrister & MannLavenderLow
Barrister & MannPaganini's ViolinMedium
Barrister & MannWavesHigh
A&EAsian PearHigh
A&EChoco CubanoUnused
Wholly KawRebelleMedium
Wholly KawLav SublimeHigh


👇 Images Posted Below 👇
Blackland Sabre Set



The Sabre set is still available. This is an enjoyable and accessible introduction to the GEM format with what many consider the best modern GEM razor, The razor was only used a few times, presents as new, and is offered at a meaningful discount from a new purchase: On sale for $168 vs $220. I know someone out there has been thinking about trying a modern GEM razor. I would be happy to provide you an introduction to the Sabre. :)

❤️‍🔥 Sabre Price Reduction ❤️‍🔥

Sabre set now selling for: $149


That's $71 in savings vs a new purchase with this twice used razor, that presents as new. Join in on all the fun of Single Edge September with this outstanding modern GEM razor!

I'll keep the razor listed a bit longer and then move it on to other outlets. But, I would much rather see the Sabre find a home with one of the fine forum members here.
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