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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?


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RR GameChanger .84 4x
Global Shave R41+. 1x

I shave with 2 razors daily - for left vs right side comparisons. Occasionally I will use the same model razor with 2 different blades. Last 5 shaves, in no particular order, are:
Prewar Tech
Postwar Tech
New Type Short Comb
New Type Long Comb
Parker Semi-slant
Weaponry Claymore
'38 DeSoto Grille - temp handle
Goodwill 162
1947 Super Speed
Super Adjustable 109
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Schick golden 500 hyro- magic J3 injector Schick Golden 500  Hydro-magic MFG1957-64.jpg

Razorock Wunderbar Razorock Wunderbar 2017 (2).jpg

Ever ready 1914 Ever Ready  1914 LLC mfg 1914-17 (2).jpg

Schick adjustable injector M3 Schick injector M3 adjustable razor MFG 1970-72 (2).jpg

Gem junior bar Gem JR Parade Mfg 1938 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
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