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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?


Wolfman WR2-SB 1.05
Gillette Fat Boy
Wolfman WR2-SB 1.05
Last 5 razors or shaves (still liking variety)
July 25th: Gem Junior 1912 Parade-Mfg 1947 Gem JR Parade Mfg 1943 variant (2).jpg

July 26th: Schick injector adjustable M3-Mfg 1970-72 Schick injector M3 adjustable razor MFG 1970-72 (2).jpg

July 27th: Gem G bar- Mfg 1953-58 Gem G-Bar 1953-58 (2).jpg

July 28th : Gem Featherweight 1st generation-Mfg 1950-52 Gem Feather weight Gen 1 1950-52, Gen 2,1952-54 (2).jpg

July 29th: Valet Auto strop C1 Canadian variant-Mfg 1920's Valet Auto-stop C 1, MFG 1920's- .011 original gap clearance to a .007 blade gap (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
Only have two in rotation the Rockwell 6S which is my absolute favourite, and every now and then my little Merkur 34C