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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

One shave with the Gem Micromatic Bullet Tip
Four shaves with a King C Gillette head + Gillette Heritage handle.

Really like how the KCG shaves.
Last 5 razors or shaves( still enjoying varity)
July 20th- Quad razor day, imitating a Micromatic adjustable razor if there was one? Having a little fun on MMMonday.
MMFW or MMBT Guiding eye...........MMCP.............................MMOC...................Button less MMOC.........
Gem flying wing 1947-50 model(2).jpg GEM Clog Pruf 1945 Peerless (2)17 tooth.jpg Gem Micromatic open comb 1932-41(2).jpg Gem Micromatic bumpless1930-32 (2).jpg

July 21st- Oneblade Core V2- MFG 2018> One blade 1 (2).jpg

July 22nd- T. White-TNNSER 3D printed -Mfg 2019> TNNSER RAZOR 3D printed by Tom June 2020 (2).jpg
July 24th -Razorock game changer .84- Mfg 2018> Razorock Game change .84 2018 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
Rockwell 2C
Gillette '40s Aristocrat
Gillette E4 Fatboy
Gillette B2 Flare Tip
Gillette B2 Flare Tip

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Tatara Masamune open comb
Razorock Gamechanger .68
Razorock Mission
Above the Tie Kronos M2
Gillette Super Slim Twist

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