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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

Rockwell 6s R6
Homelikeshaving Taiga OC
Homelikeshaving Taiga CC

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Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
Personna "BBS-0", TiBam Handle
I stopped doing daily rotation because I wasn't consistently getting good shaves. Sometimes I'd find a combination gentler than expected and do a lot of chasing and wind up with irritation - or I'd find a combination more aggressive than expected and wind up with nicks. So, for the last several months I've been doing one razor, one blade, and using that setup through the life of the blade. As a result, I'm getting better shaves and getting a better feel for each setup and how to finesse a good shave out of it. YMMV, but that's how I've been doing it for a while now.

Currently I'm using a 50's super-speed and a Voskhod.
I rotate razors once a week so the last five shaves have been:
Baili TTO
Gillette Ball End Tech

What I have available are:

Slim Adjustable
Flare tip Superspeed
Ball-end Tech
Schick Krona
Baili TTO
Schick J1 Injector
Schick J3 Injector
Schick L1 Injector
Gillette Heritage Re-issue

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Feb 6,7th - Oneblade Core, Version 2 One blade 1 (2).jpg -MFG 2018-2020

Feb 8th - Gillette Fat Boy E4 Gillette Fatboy 1959-E4  (2).jpg - MFG 1959 4th qtr

Feb 9th - Schick 500 injector with Hydro-magic Schick Golden 500  Hydro-magic MFG1957-64.jpg - MFG 1957-64

Feb 10th - Gem Junior 1912 Parade variant Gem JR Parade Mfg 1943 variant (2).jpg - MFG 1943

Have some great shaves!
I use 2 razors each shave: a mild one first and a more open blade on second.
Feather AC/DC and Karve open comb A both with Wilkinson Sword Light Brigade.
Game Changer .68 and Game Changer 84.
Gillette Tech and 47 Aristocrat with the original Polsilvers.
STAR "1912" (single edge)
Parker 68S
Schick Injector Type "E" (single edge)
Braun Series 6 (electric shaver)
Schick Injector Type "E" (single edge)
I try to use a razor for one week. As of late I have been using a Ball End Tech exclusively, It is my best shaver in my book. I did pick up a few additions this week, A Super Speed blue tip A-3 to replace the one I had PIFed.
40's Super Speed Z-4.
Black Handle Super Speed M-1.
Black Tip Super Speed W-1.
I have narrowed to three razors

Above the tie R1 double edge,
Colonial stainless general single edge artist blade razor,
And a vintage gold plated 1930 star gem razor.

I like the closeness of the Att , I like the smoothness/easy shave of the general, and I love the gold plated looks of the micromatic.

I switch every week between them.