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Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?


My last 5 shaves were
Yaqi Mild (Tech clone)
Yaqi Mild (Tech clone)
Yaqi Mild (Tech clone)
Yaqi Knight (R41 clone with open head)
Occams Safety Razor (open comb plate)
Jan 23rd 2020 Razorock SLOC- MFG 2018 Razorock SLOC Razor 2017 (2).jpg

Jan 24th 2020 - Gem MicroMatic Clog Pruf - MFG 1945 GEM Clog Pruf 1945 Peerless (2)17 tooth.jpg

Jan25 th 2020 - Valet Autostrop C1 Canadian variant- MFG 1920's-30's Valet Auto-stop C 1, MFG 1920's- .011 original gap clearance to a .007 blade gap (2).jpg

Jan 26th 2020 - Stick Schick injector type L theme series - MFG 1973 Stick Schick with a 20 year warranty from a G Schick  (2).jpg

Jan 27 th 2020- Gem Featherweight (1oz) - MFG 1950-53 Gem Feather weight 1950-53 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
Karve brass (plated) with B plate
Karve steel with C plate
Karve brass (plated) with B plate
Karve brass (plated) with B plate
Karve brass (plated) with C plate
Jan 28,30 &31 - Oneblade Core One blade 1 (2).jpg MFG 2019

Jan 29 th- Enders speed shaver Enders speed razor-MFG 1940's-1955 (2).jpg MFG 1940's-1955

Feb 1 -Gillette Fatboy Gillette Fatboy 1959-E4  (2).jpg MFG E4 -1959 4th QTR

Have some great shaves!
I only join in this thread as so far, this year has been very atypical for me: so far, no slant was used. Weird.
Merkur Progress, gold with white bakelite baseplate
Frankendonia - Wardonia with modified baseplate and non-original topcap so ordinary blades fit. Not my most pleasant shave.
Gibbs Ref12, a Gibbs that takes regular blades
Gillette Golden Tech
Tonight, the Gibbs Ref13 is on. This is a razor with a differential head, thattakes regular blades.