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Razor Restoration

I ran across a YouTube video that highly recommended a place in AZ for razor restoration; Razor Emporium.

Does anyone here have experience with this business? Any other recommendations for restoration?

The reason I ask is that my sister told me that she had our grandfather's old shaving kit. I'm not sure what's in it but I know that it looks like a travel style razor and is an open comb. It also looks like a lot of plating is worn off but I'll know more once I actually have it.

There are all kinds of horror stories on this forum about R.E. I am sure that most here will tell you to steer clear. When that many people have that kind of opinion I would assume it is for a good reason. I bought a vintage razor from them before I heard of their reputation here and had a minor issue but it got resolved to my satisfaction. Personally I would not send them anything for restoration as they do not do their own plating in-house, they send it out to a third party for plating. They may have fixed things but do you want to trust a family heirloom to someone with a questionable reputation? There are other options.
When I first started collecting razors, I bought several razor sets from them, and several individual razors from them. One was a Valet Autostrop that was advertised as a complete and correct US Army razor set. I did not know of their reputation, and had no reason to doubt it was a correct set. A friend of mine here at the B&B researched that set and we found out the set was not correct- no US Army stamp on the razor nor a serial number, which is common to any US Army set no matter what brand. Also I discovered through research it was missing a component. Thus the set is valueless. Also before I found all this out, I had ordered a razor and two packs of blades and they did not send the package. When I called them about it, their "customer service rep." was not only rude but made derogatory comments to me. They did eventually send another razor, but instead of sending 2 packs of blades like I paid for, they sent only 2 blades. Needless to say, I will not deal with them again.
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