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    For the animal lovers here, you all know there's the animal rescue operations that find good homes for lost dogs, displaced cats and other pets. You know... the pit bull that just didn't get along with the other dogs, or the cat that couldn't be responsibly cared for anymore, or worse.

    Those pets often go on to be part of a happy family. Me and SWMBO rescued two dawgs ourselves and would be lost without them.

    For B&B, there's the BST, (that's Shaving Mall - Buy/Sell/Trade) where razors, software and gear get put up for adoption and get a second chance. How did I manage to pass this great resource up for so long??? I don't know the answer...

    Some razors didn't mean it, but they may have bitten their previous owners. They may have fallen out of the rotation and forced into a cabinet. Some brushes were just too scratchy for the face. Some software may have irritated the neck.

    To those two members that recently sold me the discontinued Mühle R41's, all I can say is that the razors are very happy in their new home and are feeling loved.

    Thanks to B&B, and I hope all of you will consider rescuing a good razor, brush, cream or puck someday too. :cheerful:
  1. Prof. Moriarty

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    Glad you chose to adopt, however comparing living creatures that are suffering to inanimate objects leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  2. I know what you mean, I want to give all the razors a good home.
  3. I'm very sorry it did, and am likewise very disheartened to have been misconstrued for having that kind of disregard. I'm happy to have this site and would have thought that there's an unspoken 'barrier' in the OP, if you will, between a hobby and something incomparably dearer.

    I'm going to leave this in the most positive and constructive state I can and commend you for your shared passion for animals.
  4. Prof. Moriarty

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    Sorry mate, I know you probably didn't mean it that way. I have worked at shelters, most of my pets have been rescues, so I just don't take the subject lightly. I am thankful you have given your dogs a new home :thumbup:
  5. I don't see much of a need for the bay for gear when having such a great service :laugh:
  6. Not a worry at all! You're kindred soul in that regard! Now that it's in conversation, we're very involved with a rescue agency in Turks and Caicos since rescuing a pup from there.

    Well, I can say that the R41 isn't leaving too much stubble for them to try and lick off my face, but the 'Island Girl' likes Proraso as much as I do! :lol:
  7. I really have great respect for those involved in animal rescue.. Down here in india there are so many animals that need to be rescued.. Its really saddening!

    As for pitbulls.. They are sweetest dogs i have ever seen!


    Was this the topic of discussion?! I dont think so.. I just got carried away!
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  8. :thumbup1:

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