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Razor ID Help

Hey guys, these two razor handles came in the mess of gear I picked up last month at an antique store. They are both Gillette handles and the silver one has the code D1 (or DI) on the bottom while the brown handle has the code 3G on the bottom. Just wondering if anyone out there can help me date these and to see whether or not there are any razor blades/cartridges available for these.
EDIT: Here are the pics. The aluminum/silver colored handle says Gillette on the top of the head and the brown handled razor says Atra on the top and Gillette on the neck.
thanks bob, i found the cartirdge refills at cvs this afternoon while picking up some cvs injector blades. passed on the cartridges for now as i can't really justify going back to them after seeing the light:a2:
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