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Razor ID Help Needed

That's a Tech, alright! :001_smile Got one just like it at home.
Great little razor, but -- as Jim stated -- difficult to date.

If you have a pic of the underside of the guard plate, people may be able to help narrow down the manufacturing date. The guard plate had slight modifications over the years.
Thanks guys, I just won this on ebay for a whopping $2.25. I though it might be a tech but I wanted to be sure.

Does anyone have any advice on how to clean and most importantly, sterilize a gold razor. Will boiling damage the finish?
If it's gold... do not boil it. Boiling will make the protective varnish coating flake and peel off. For gold, I've used liquid dish soap and a toothbrush.
Toothbrush and scrubbing bubbles bathtub cleaner works great! hottest tap water should do for a rinse-DO NOT use alcohol based products on it!
You are going to love the shave-
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