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Razor Grind Preference over Time

Any of you guys feel like you have migrated from one part of the grind spectrum to the other, or maybe even back again?

If so, how did the evolution/revolution occur and over how long?
I haven't (yet) tried extra hollow or full wedge but I have tried from full hollow to quarter hollow. I found the full hollow to be a bit too "bendy" for me. A quarter hollow is good but the half hollow suits my shaving style the best. There is just the right amount of "give" and weight in the blade.
For myself, I started with a mixed bag of full hollow, 1/4 hollow, and half hollow. I cut myself multiple times with the 1/4 hollow and half hollow, so they were pushed aside in favor of full hollow, bellied hollow, and extra hollow blades for a long long time. I discovered that if shaving daily I perferred a stiffer blade like a half hollow to a wedge, but if shaving two days growth, a full hollow or extra hollow was best. So, I use a 1/4 hollow to a wedge for daily shaves, but I often shave every other day and enjoy my full hollows as well.
Moral of the story, the blades all have their uses and it depends on your skill level and skin preferences.


I started with heavy grinds like near wedge and 1/4 hollow but I've migrated to the complete opposite end. Maybe I'll find my way back but as of right now, I doubt it. I still like stiffer edge designs for multiples days of growth, but full singing hollows are my daily driver now. I often use 1/4 hollow or bellied hollow razors on Sunday after not shaving Friday and Saturday.
I settled in pretty quickly with all the variations of hollows and 1/4s. haven't had to shave daily for 5 years, but hollows on short beard days, 1/4s on heavy beard days is the general rule for me. the longer my beard gets, the more tuggy the first pass tends to be so that's when I break out the 1/4s. the only exception seems to be my De Pew, at 4/8 smiling near wedge. that thing always feels good.
You have more willpower than I. I enjoy SR shaving so much that, if I had something to shave, I'd shave three times every day.
Unfortunately for myself, I've not yet found any combination of soaps and stones and aftershave that allow me to daily shave. Although straight razor shaving is worlds better than DE or cart shaving was for me, I still prefer to give my skin some rest at the end of the week.
are you chasing the bbs?
No, I stopped that long ago. I shave two pass wtg xtg, no matter what razor I use I almost always have slight irritation at the end of the week. That irritation is significantly slighter than with safety razors and an entirely different level than with carts but it's always there. I have wild facial hair grain and very coarse hair. I'm somewhere around 1000 shaves with a straight, I never kept close count.
I'm trending towards heavier grinds. I bought my first 1/4 hollow just because it was a local make. Now I have several razors with heavier grinds.

As with DE and SE, though, I like to mix it up, so I have various grinds, blades from 4/8 to 8/8, some shorties in the mix. Variety is the spice.
IMHO I'm suspecting the preference of grind is related to hair folicle thickness and facial sensativity. It sounds like people have an initial idea they want to use a specific type of grind only to find that it just doesn't suit their features.

For me it has always been full hollow grinds simply because that's what's for sale (I have only ever bought new razors & customs are just a dream). It so happens that my hair isn't too corse & my skin isn't that sensative; I can shave 7 days a week but choose to rest on the weekend.
I use 5-7/8 extra and full hollow grinds but recently tried near wedges.The wedges shave very good and I enjoy them, maybe a bit to early but my preference is leaning toward heavier razor not grinds. Even 5/8 hollow with heavy bone scales are amazing. Collection consists of about 50 hollows and 2 near wedges and a 1/4, still early days. I shave 4-5 times a week.
When I started I tried everything I could get, and I think I favoured hollow grinds because I found them easier to hone.

Now I think I might prefer a quarter or half grind. Probably because the older razors interest me more.
I started with full hollows and once I realized I was going to be a full time SR shaver decided to try other grinds. My first custom was a quarter hollow and to be honest it took a few shaves to get used to the different feel. Now it’s my favorite razor. I have a near wedge on the way and I’m looking forward to trying it. Long story short I tend to like the heavier grinds but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

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It seems to depend on the particular razor instead of the grind - I have them from near wedge to full hollow and some I like and others less so, but the grind doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. Another example, I love framebacks, and faux framebacks which of course have no ‘grind’ (usually)
I have only used a full hollow? Extra hollow? It is a vintage. The box says extra hollow, but I am not positive it matches the razor. What ever the case it is THIN and seems super delicate. I like it alot, but I feel like I want to try one with some weight to it and feels a bit more utility and rugged if that makes any sense. Just have not picked one out yet. Suggestions welcome :)
I generally prefer full hollow grinds, but I do like half hollow or quarter hollow razors too. That hasn't changed over the years. Actually I'm quite fond of the generic Swedish 1/4 hollow 4/8 razor that often is sold as CVH 24 or Hellberg 42, but it was produced by most Swedish razor makers.

I don't like large (+6/8) near wedge or quarter hollow razors. If something goes wrong when shaving with such a large and heavy razor it can go really wrong. I do have a Rigarazor, but I I'm not getting any more of the same kind.

In short I haven't changed my preferences over the years.
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