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Razor Emporium Russet Horsehide?

So I'm looking at purchasing another strop and found this Russet Horsehide on Razor Emporium. Anyone have experience with this strop?
I have one of the RE Russett horsehide AND one of Tony Millers Novotan horsehide strops. In both instances the leather comes from Horween in Chicago. The tanning process is different, but both are wonderful strops, as long as you like a lightning fast draw. Tony also sells a veg tanned horsehide which would be similar to the Russett.

Tony's strops are slightly more expensive than the ones from Razor Emporium, but the workmanship is better on Tony' strops. Thus, if you want to save a few bucks, go with RE, but if you want to go first class, get one of Tony's Old No. 2 strops. If you can afford the extra cost, I suggest getting the strop with real linen second component rather than the cotton canvas. Although canvas works, linen is even better.
If cost is a consideration, Tony Miller offers a "Plain" horsehide strop which is only $30 for leather only, or $50 for leather and cotton.

New Horsehide Plain Strops - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/new-horsehide-plain-strops.570141/

I have the horsehide in both the Plain and Premium versions. The Plain is still a top quality strop, and comparable to what other makers sell as their premium product. Additionally, with Tony Miller strops one can choose D-Rings or handles, as well as cotton or linen.
I have both and the re Russit is a lovely leather how ever the handles are flimsy I would go with Tony Miller horse and flax linen the quality and finish is better and the finish takes Tony longer time make which is why you pay that little extra