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Razor dulling frequency?

I was wondering why everyone talks about how long their razors last before needing a hone in terms of time (i.e. months) instead of shaves. It seems like some people have 1-2 SR they normally use while others have 5-10 they normally use. If you use a razor 1/5 as frequently as someone else then it will not need to be honed for 5 times as "long", though the same number of shaves, correct?

So when most people's razors dull to the point of needing a rehone, is it due to usage as a razor or due to the oxidization?
Both IMO. I recommend stropping after shaving to ensure the blade is dry and coated with a tiny bit of oil from the leather. As you get more experience shaving, you will dull it less and less. Ex, I use a guillotine stroke, meaning the razor is tilted slightly as opposed to cutting straight on. That increases the cutting power and puts less wear on the blade IMO.
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