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Razor & Dopp Kit that no one else bid on - having doubts

+1 on what everybody said, I would have been tempted just for the butterscotch. Looks totally usable. Plus a nice comb. :smile:

Man, what a sweet kit. You did the right thing. If the guy would've listed it differently he might've got nearly twice that.

Not necessarily. I've gotten some very excellent razors bundled in these kits and was the only bidder. For some reason, folks just overlook them. Maybe it's the "I just want a razor, not all this over stuff"? But if I can pick up a cased #77 and #88 for $30US shipped from England, seems like a good reason to look carefully at these kits. Plus the comb. :lol:

The Fat Handled Tech was the primary photo, they are very common razors. Many folks won't even go further than the listing picture if it doesn't grab them.

I think this is what happened. you did not get a steal of a deal, but there are certainly people who would have gladly paid near twice that amount if the listing had a better primary photo.

When I look at the pack, I see two nice handles to restore, a Tech in good condition, and a few cool containers that may come in handy. If you ever use the bag, that is a bonus. Good deal:thumbup1:
Excellent score - the kits are cheap here in the UK, but seldom as complete as your.

I bought my chief kit for 99p, but spent more than £100 refilling it.:001_smile

I once was the sole bidder on a vintage travel kit like yours, got it for about $20. What everybody except me missed was the cased near mint Milord where the soap holder should have been.
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