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Razor comparison

Good evening! I am still new at using de razors and I have been using the Merkur 34c exclusively. I have gotten quite good at shaving save one setback a couple weeks ago when I moved my shaving from while showering to after showering. I decided to acquire another razor and found a Gillette slim model on the bst on this site. My question is, does anyone know about what setting the slim can be set at to be close to the 34c? I am just looking for a number to start at before i attempt to explore more and less aggressive settings. I guess I could just start at one and move up but thought it would be smart to start at where the 34c would be since that is what I am used to so I can learn the new razor.
I've never tried a 34c, but I usually tell people to start at 4 or 5. Anything lower is pretty mild.


I'm a Lumberjack.
When I went from 34c to Rockwell I started with
Plate one. You can always go higher.
First, you have two first-class razors IMO!

I would classify the 34C in the mild/moderate range. So the suggestion to start at 3 on the Slim sounds about right. Remember that it takes awhile to figure out any new razor! Take your time.
I agree with all the above. BTW I have a tough beard and I find the best setting of my Gillette Slim to be a 6. When you find the best setting for your face and for your technique, resist the temptation to always be fiddling with the adjustment setting. When you discover the sweet setting you've found it. Instead invest your energy to cleaning the razor every 2 weeks or so with a soft toothbrush and a little dish soapy water. Also periodically rotate the dial from 1 to 9, and open and close the doors completely, while the razor is submerged in soapy water. Adjustable razors over time are understandably prone to crude building up inside, as their interiors are complex, so they benefit from a little maintenance once in awhile. I love adjustable razors!
You have gained a muscle memory with 34C, and now when getting a second razor, you need to unlearn the muscle memory and instead continuously changing angle according to the feedback of the razor. This is the most important skill to acquire, and more important than what setting you will be using with you new razor. With wrong angle, a setting that gives the same aggressiveness as of 34C might still give you irritation.
I found this comparison of razors.

Here is the chart:
Dovo Best Fromm GD208 GD300 GD200/800
Steel Quality 5 4 5 5 5
Master Grind 5 3 4 5 5
Scales 3 2 3 2 2
Fit & Finish 4 3 2 3 3

I had put spaces in so the numbers aligned with the razors but seems that when I post, they don't align any more.

Here is the link:
Battle of the Budget Razors – Gold Dollar v. Dovo v. Fromm | ASR

Since I do not own all of them I can't say if it is accurate or not on them but on the Dovo and the GD (Gold Dollar) 208 I disagree in a few areas. First I think the steel on the Dovo is a 5 and the Gold Dollar is not far behind it but not a 5 maybe (4.5), I however am not a metallurgist. If by mater grind they are referring to sharpness when received they are wrong on the ones I received. Two out the the three GD 208s I received where really shave ready and the one Dovo was far from it, so in my chart it would be Dovo- 3 and GD 208- 5. Overall grinding I'd agree with the chart except on sharpness.
It seems everyone has their own experiences with a razor making everything up for debate.
I'd start at 4, but I still think it depends on the blade. I went up to 9 using Personna Blue's before it cut through my hair smoothly enough. It would've liked it a little sharper.
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