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Razor Bump / Ingrown Hair Prevention

Every time I shave (Gillette Superspeed Red Tip) I have zero issues with my face and get great shaves. My issue is on my neck, I regularly get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. My question to those in the know is: Are there any good aftershaves which help reduce / prevent ingrown hairs?

Thank you in advance for your advice.
I use coolfix by ShaveWorks, applied after I shave, followed by a face lotion. At night, before bed, I apply Differin Gel. This was recommended by my dermatologist. Works very well.
Personally my gains have been from focusing on just about everything before the post shave splash. The winning combination for me in reducing neck irritation are:

Cerave lotion
Hot shower
A very slick cream or soap
Adjustable injector
WTG XTG on trouble area of neck
XTG pass slow with adjustable at about 50% less exposure versus rest of the shave
Witch hazel on neck, fun stuff on face

Good luck in your search, JM
I also find coolfix to work very well. You will experience some sting but it subsides pretty quickly. You wind up with a smooth/painless feel to your trouble areas. As my technique has improved and my face has adapted I don’t find myself needing too much anymore, But at one point it was the only thing in a mountain of products that truly worked for me.
Another vote for ShaveWorks Coolfix. Really though I find technique makes the biggest difference - products can help mask a rough shave but not fix it. I'm less aggressive on my neck, more judicious with across the grain passes, and never go against the grain.
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