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Razor blades purchased by the 100 that ended up in your drawer.

I bought a pack of 100 of Astra SP green, I did not really like them at first and with all the hype about those blades I thought maybe my technique needed improvement but turns out I still don't like them after a year using them, found much better blades since then.
Soooo this pack of 100 is sitting there in my drawer, not sure if I even will load an Astra again, might give them for some friends
I bought 25 Nacets, 25 Astra SPs, 25 Feathers, and 50 Derby Extra's when I first started wet shaving 3 years ago. Liked the Feathers and bought a 100 pack, then found I liked Nacets better and bought 50. Then I discovered GSBs, bought 50, then a tuck of Gillette Platinums, then three orders of 25. Got 50 Wizamets too.

After all of those blades I just broke into the 100 pack of Feathers, and have plenty to choose from along with a dozen or so sample tucks.

Man I need a shave

I bought a 100-pack of Shaverboy, knowing full well that I was buying 95 of them to eventually PIF or send to the blade exchange, hehe.

It was only $7, and it's a Canadian company, so I kinda had to. There's not many Canadian brands in the shaving world!
Shaverboy, Rockwell and Derby. I have been PIFing them every opportunity I get. 😜
I used the Rockwell blades for my first few shaves with them T2 and had insane buyers remorse thinking I wasted money, then I put in a Nacet and by the third shave on it with that Blade I finally started dialing the Razor in and now i love it. Those 4 blades staying in my drawer in the back
The Astra SS. They're still okay for a few shaves though. I can't salvage the few Dorcos and Derbys I have. Oh-- I do have V12 blades I got one Christmas from my aunt, haha. 100 pieces of junk metal.
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