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Razor Blade Storage

When initially coming to the light and beginning to wetshave, a website selling shave gear recommended storing your blades either in an oil or alcohol between uses to prevent oxidation and thus improve the length of the blade's life. Last week I decided to buy a small mason jar and fill it with 91% isopropyl alcohol to store the blades in between uses. That said, I noticed small rust spots on my feather after one day (not on the shaving edge but more in the "body"). I also pulled out a Derby that had one shave after 4-5 days and found multiple rust spots on the shaving edge but none on the "body." So, my question would be if anyone knows of a better way to store the blade so that it prolongs the shaving lifespan.
Interesting. I have never worried about that. DE blades are so cheap, it sounds like a bit of a waste. Cartridges I could see....
Good point, I guess I'm just trying to make sure all of my blades last me a good 6-7 shaves. First,I hate trying to remember how many shaves each blade has. Second, it's B&B's fault...after about 6 weeks of DE shaving I can't stand missing a day of shaving:biggrin: . Example, I had to skip today because of this weekend's problems with a feather getting used one too many times...now all the stuble is driving me crazy.

Again, thanks to B&B for the enlightenment to a better way of life.
I just change blades the same day every week. If I leave a good shave on the table, so be it for a few cents.
I do the same Todd. I use one blade for a week and change it out every Sunday morning. That way, I'm not trying to keep track of how many times it's been used. To simplify the process, I use one razor the entire week and on Sunday, put a new blade in a different razor. (Yeah, I know if you look in my SOTDs, I do sometimes change razors mid-week but most weeks I don't. There normally has to be something wrong for me to change)
Hey Todd,
When I use a blade that lasts a week, I change it once a week. I try to do that on the same day every week.
Now, I have some blades that run out of performance after three or four days (read pull, tug, or rust). As soon as I note diminished performance, guess what! I swap the blade out and replace it with a new compatriot. BUT, come Sunday, a new blade goes into the rasoir de la semaine.
Believe it or not, it really makes life simple and I avoid a lot of nicks and razor burn that way.


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You guys really get a week out of a blade? With Ron's 4-pass system, why thats 28 passes!
I can't get anywhere near that.
Another way to keep track of blade changes is to create a crude calendar out of your shaving cream tubs. If you do not have 31 tubs, then you now have the reason to buy, buy, buy!


I'm not sure the alcohol does any good. I used to be into that trip in college (30 years ago), but I can't say I noticed any improvement in blade life.

I think we just have to accept that your blade is going to be exposed to moisture, is going to take a beating from your beard, and is going to have to be changed after a week or so.

It's just the whole karma of the thing, and we mere mortals are powerless to change it!

-- David
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