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Razor Blade Expedition, Finale . . . maybe


And then there two.

When I began my razor blade expedition some weeks ago, I wanted to add two or three more choices to my small arsenal of razor blades. I had used Merkur for several years and liked them. Still do. My thoughts on the quality of the other razors are what works best for me. By no means I consider myself a razor blade expert. Also, I believe a good blade will work in all of my razors — Edwin Jaggers and Merkurs — and the razor blade expedition has reaffirmed that belief.

I also have a Parker and a Weishi, which I have stopped using after just a few tries. The Parker has the charm of a hand grenade and the Weishi shaves as if it's in a comma.

After several tries, the blades that were unsatisfactory for me include: 7 a.m., Treet Platinum Super Stainless, Bic, Crystal, Wilkinson (U.K.) and Irridium. Crystal and Wilkinson died even a worst death after corking, which someone on the site suggested I do to save them. Iridium, although sharp, bore the shaving grace of a drunken jokey racing on a mule. I rarely nick myself, even with a straight razor. I did with the Iridium. Although small nicks, they hurt my pride, for heaven's sake. Good riddance.

I was little impressed with Personna "Red Pack," too, but I have a little more than 100 copies and, therefore, plan to use them as one shave wonders just to get rid of them.

Dorco 300 and 301 have been useful surprises. Although not the sharpest blades in the world, they will remain in my stash as one-time shavers for my travels. I have a big supply of them, too, and can't wait till it's gone.

Derby proved passable, and I plan to finish my large supply of them, too, before calling it quits on the brand.

The three blades that have made my razor expedition worth the effort and expense are: Feather, Gillette 7 A.M. Sharp Edge (yellow pack) and Gillette 7 A.M. Perma Sharp (green pack).

By the way, I buy all my products from the following reputable venders: Classic Shaving, Best Grooming Tools, Em's Place, Barclay-Crocker, The Shave Den, Rasage Poulin, Fendrihan, Casswell-Massey, E-Barbershop, ......... and Straight Razor Design. Several other reputable vendors, including West Coast Shaving, I plan to include on my list in the future. I don't know where I would be for my wet shaving products without these quality supplier, so I support them the best I can.

What I am getting at is this: a friend convinced me to try my hand at purchasing off E-Bay, too. I did. What a disaster! I ordered 100 Gillette 7 A.M. Perma Sharp blades from a seller with the Business ID of: dridiot (862). What he sent me was 100 Gillette 7 A.M. Super Stainless.

My good man, those are not the same blades, but rather of lower quality than the Sharp Edge. I tried to return them, but the directions were so vague and confusing that I gave up. I found the vendor's e-mail address in the paperwork, but all of my e-mails turned out to be "undeliverable." Finally I gave up, realizing I had been had, and promised myself not buy anything on E-Bay ever again. In the meantime, I was going to sue my friend for convincing me to buy off E-Bay, but he is on Unemployment. So much for that.

The Gillette mistakes I also plan to keep as one-shave wonders until my supply runs out. In the meantime, I have 10 Perma Sharps left, and when they run out, I'll probably not renew the supply.

So in the end, I made two major discoveries in my razor blade expedition: Feather and Gillette Sharp Edge (yellow pack). These are both great blades for me. They are sharp, smooth, and perfect for my heavy beard. I liken both to a fabulous bottle of single malt scotch, which is rich, smooth and has just the right touch of smoke to it.

I have 200 Feathers and 100 yellows, those in addition to my 50 Merkurs. (The lower grade blades don't count.) I figure the three of us will be together for a while. In comparing the Feather and the Gillette yellow pack, I lean slightly toward the Gillette. There is a silky sheen to the way they glide on my face. I don't know what it is about this blade short of something intangible I can't put my finger on. Either way, I like both blades.

I recommend both blades to even newcomers to the world of double edge razors. Yes, these blades are sharp, but that's how a good blade should be. If you cut yourself, it's probably more your own fault than the blade's. There should be a certain grace in shaving with a straight razor and a double edge razor. I make that a rule with my daily wet shave.

Thanks for reading.

Nice piece of work Obelit and glad to see more people liking Merkur blades here on B&B.

BTW as far as I know Dridiot is a member on this board and maybe you should try to contact him through a PM. I have never ordered from this guy but have been reading some of his posts and he made the impression of being a decent chap.

On the other hand I am with you as far as E-bay sellers are concerned; I have found a really good shop for my shaving supplies in my own country and even when I have to pay a little more I prefer buying there. The price difference is most of the time compensated by the goodies I get for free or a special discount.
Hello, Harry,

Thanks for your reply.

No E-Bay for me, too, thank you.

Yes, a lot of people complain about Merkurs. My beard likes them, so that's all right with me.

In England, I find Paul at ......... a good person to deal with. He has all the blades I like, and at good prices. I will continue to buy from him.

I agree one hundred percent about the Yellow Gillette's. These things are legendary. I'm gonna stock up. I tried Derby's (not bad. They drag though), Astras Platinums (like Derby's but more drag) and Bic's (lame as well) until I stumbled upon these lovely blades. I'm stickin to them
Hello, Narrativesoul,

I bought my Gillette yellows from Paul at ........., in England, at (connonaught.com). He sells them at a reasonable cost. He offers a choice of inexpensive postage, and you will have the blades within a week.

About April 10, when I bought my yellows, they were at 100 blades for 16.90 British Pounds ($24.80). Postage (shipping airmail small package) was 1.70 British Pounds (somewhere in the $2 range), bringing my total to 18.60 pounds ($27.26). Suchchchchchchch a deal.

I like Paul and recommend .........


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My computer acting up. That should be ..........com.

..........com, in case the first one doesn't go through.

My computer is still acting up. Let's try that one more time:

..........com. .......... .......... ..........

It's not your computer. There are certain vendors that have been "banned" from B&B. Not sure of the reasons, but has to do with breaking the rules on posting and vending, etc. If you try to type the name of the vendor or web address it will show up as ....... They are treated the same as inappropriate swear words, etc.

Bless your heart for solving the mystery of certain names being blanked out intentionally by B&B. This was frustrating me. Now I know it is not my dear computer. Thanks for the explanation.

I am dridiot.
Please contact me via PM regarding the blades.
No contacts/emails/messages has being delivered to my working email address or such.
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I am dridiot.
I have gone thru my records and see that no purchases were ever made for 100 Permasharp blades as I sell them in sets of 10 blades.
BTW, it is also 7 O'Clock Permasharp and 7 O'Clock Super Stainless, never 7 A.M. blades as mentioned.
These are two very different blades and I never carry stock for the lather.

In your first post, you said that "you wanted to sue your FRIEND for the recommendation."
So much for being a friend.

As usual, please PM me regarding the "bad" blades that you bought from me, if any.
Regards to All,
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So in the end, I made two major discoveries in my razor blade expedition: Feather and Gillette Sharp Edge (yellow pack). These are both great blades for me. They are sharp, smooth, and perfect for my heavy beard. I liken both to a fabulous bottle of single malt scotch, which is rich, smooth and has just the right touch of smoke to it.
Both are excellent blades. Like you, I worked my way through a mountain of samples before I settled on my favorites.

I should make a correction about the "Gillettes" mentioned in my original post. An extra glass of wine has a tendency to make the mind wander.

In my estimation:

Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellows) are fabulous.
Gillette 7 O'Clock Permasharp Stainless (made in India) is different from Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless (made in Russia). Both come in green boxes; however, I prefer the Permasharp Stainless over the Super Stainless .
The 7 A.M blade has nothing to do with the 7 O'Clock blade.

I once used a 7 A.M. blade, which was sent to me with a razor purchase, for less than half a shave — and surrendered in total defeat. Now whenever I see one, fear strikes into me.

I have settled on three blades until another magical blade blows my way:
Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellow)


As quoted, I have never sold 7 AM blades.
I have not seen any records of 100 Permasharp sold by me.
So, if you would get your facts and get back to me, it would be appreciated.
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