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Razor blade challenge

Hello all, what I am proposing is a blade challenge or a test of how good your shaving prep and technique are. I have a lot of Super Homex blades, they are not the sharpest or the smoothest but I can manage three bbs shaves from each one I use (I have never come across an unusable blade). I have never tried the Graham Field blades but that challenge was a fun read so I am starting this one.
image.jpeg image.jpeg
If you want in just message me with an address and I will send you three of these blades. All I ask is you give some feedback on your experience with them.
Sent you a PM.

According to some reports on B+B from a few years ago, they are said to be made in China and meant to resemble the Super-Max blades from India. Only a few reviews at that time and they were mixed. Currently being made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, according to a listing on Alibaba.

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Ok guys, thank you for your brave participatin. Everyones blades will be going out today.
Alright, this is going pretty well. Eight people are in so far, I figured I will cap it at twenty. Twelve more brave souls needed.
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