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Razer Professional Blade review

The Razer Professional Blade is a blade that is Made in Pakistan for the Polish market, a Polish company called POLONUS EUROPA SP had them made I believe it was a one run kind of thing I believe they're no longer being made. They were made by Treet Pakistan.






^ All companies have their own little message about not wiping blades, I realised it's the same message that Treet blades have. They missed one L off will

The Razer Professional Blade is similar to these Treet blades that are no longer available, they're not on their website (although readily available due to old stock) these are not the carbon ones.


^ The same message about not wiping blade. No typo on these ;)

I been using these blades in different razors they are not better than Treet 7 Days Platinum or the Treet Platinum's or the Treet King's but they are just behind those, an above average & very capable blade, they sit somewhere between the 3 I mentioned, they are smooth & moderately sharp, their longevity is decent around 6-8 good shaves can be had, they are no Wizamet's nor are they Treet 7Days Platinum's but they are capable, saying that I wouldn't overpay for these especially if you can get better blades for a similar price.

My favourite Treet blades
1. Treet King
2. Treet 7 Days Platinum
3. Treet Platinum
4. Falcon (Carbon)
5. Super Power
6. Extra Tez (Carbon)
7. Treet Silver (Carbon)

All the other Treet blades I've not named are below average for me personally. YMMV

My favourite blades
1. Gillette Rubie (Most premium/top quality blade out there) ✓
2. Kai
3. Treet King
4. Gillette Silver Blue
5. Asco/Asco Platinum
6. Gillette Platinum
7. Wilkinson Sword Classic
8. Timor
9. Feather

My favourite discontinued blades
1. Wilkinson Sword Classic (England 80's - 2000)
2. Gillette 7 O'clock Dark Blue (Czech made & Russian mades ones were both excellent)
3. Gillette Platinum (Swedes)
4. Wizamet Super Iridium

Blades others like but ones that disagree with me
1. Nacet
2. Bic Chrome
3. Astra SP
4. Voskhod
5. Perma-Sharp

The packaging reminds me of an air mail envelope. Love it!
I agree the box's design is eye catching lol and it does look like a mail envelop, they used the design/colour from the classic barber pole 💈
Very nice review, @Double_Edgez, and great comparison. The wrapper is very distinctive, nicely done.
Thank you much appreciated
Well that's a mystery solved! I was right that they were made for the Polish market not in Poland, though that was a lucky guess... :biggrin1:
Before I got them I only had a picture of them & saw it said Poland on the packaging, so before I got them I had all sorts of dreams of them being NOS & them being made in the same factory as the Wizamet's :laugh: I was let down finding out they're rebranded Treets but saying that these are not a bad blade, very smooth & sharper than I expected, if you use them in a aggressive razor they have that prickly sharp edge to them for the first shave, you can feel it on the ATG pass, they smoothen out thereafter. With a mild/medium level razor they perform even better.
Thank you for the review & photos. May I please use your photos for the B & B Wiki page on Razor Blades?
Thank you & sure you can :smile:
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