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Ratuken is closing forever on June 1

I know a lot of us SE guys get our blades there. Just a heads up, i'm about to go order a ton of twins!


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Thanks for the heads up....VERY much appreciated!!! I'll also shout out to @GAW9576 -- I know he and I are both fans of the low cost Schick B-20 blades.


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Did you mean Rakuten?
Better order up!

Although I see no mention of closure.
I can't find anything about this purported closure. All I can find is something about UK online market closing in August, 2016, and some contraction in SE Asia.
^^^Thanks for providing a link.

YMMV, but I have no interest in trying to rush to order from a entity that will be no more in mere days. I'll spend a handful of extra dollars to get my Prolines from Connaught when I need some more (assuming they still offer them in say, 6 years, hahaha).
Good day @GAW9576 if you are looking for B-20 blades I bought from Schick - https://connaughtshaving.com/schick.html
and I recieved them in about 2 weeks. With the strength of the US dollar you should get a good deal, the price on the right side is what you pay and a few dollars for shipping. Good company to deal with IMO.
Thank you Sir. Rakutan has them at $7.47 so $8.00 from connaugt shaving is still a good price and is a company that should be around when I'm ready to order. I don't feel the need to stock up unnecessarily. I bookmarked the link you shared so I can order them when I'm getting low on what I have.
Here’s hoping they’re back to shipping to the USA again soon.

Was this some conspiracy between sellers of Feather Super and straight razors to cash in on desperate Proline enthusiasts? Inquiring minds want to know…
My guess, and it's just a guess, is it's just the "global market" section that is closing. I have only ordered through rakuten ichiba, which was not easy to use but possible. Ichiba is where you have to get the small packet shipping. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how I'm reading the email that was sent to neffarious.

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