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Rattling Resto. Any fixes?

Put a new knot in my old eveready, but pushed the bit in too far when drilling out the old one. A gob of epoxy must have fallen thru the hole and now I have a rattle/brush combo. Any way to get the epoxy holding the knot to let loose without destroying the handle or the knot? Or should I just give this one to my son and let him put up with the racket?
I'm thinking you could drill a very small hole in the bottom then add some epoxy through the hole and fill the cavity, or at least get some fresh epoxy in to bind up the rattle piece. Seal the hole with epoxy when you confirm the fix.

I spent many years as an auto mechanic in dealerships. One of the most effective and unusual repairs I remember was done by the guy that worked next to me. He was assigned to get rid of a rolling rattle in a new car. You could hear it when you would pull away from a stop and again as you were slowing down. You could even hear a loud thunk if you accelerated hard or braked hard. The noise was coming from the driver's side rocker panel. The rocker panel is the lowest panel on the side of the car, below the doors. It is not accessible. It is welded in place and fully enclosed at the factory.

His cure was to remove the sill plate and drill a hole under the sill plate into the top of the rocker panel, and spray nearly a whole aerosol can of underseal into the hole. Then, before the underseal could dry, road test the car. He heard the rattle one more time, although it was muted, until the object hit a puddle of the underseal and locked it up, never to rattle again.

I think you may be able to do somewhat the same.
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