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Rare Hoffritz 103 (Simpson Chubby 3) Buttersctoch Best Badger

Hoffritz 103 (Chubby 3) Best Badger:

Letting another one of my prized possessions go, this remodel thing gets really expensive really fast. Here is a very good condition brush with a large, dense knot measuring 31x57mm. The handle is in great shape with the original lampblack label still legible, including the rare markings on the base. The knot is very dense and uber-soft, softer than even the best Super Badger I have ever tried from the modern Simpsons offerings. Of course being a Chubby there is ample backbone due to the knot density. The knot does give up a hair every shave or two, but at this rate should last until next century before needing a replacement. Yours for $325
so it was a remodel thing. man do i know what that means. somebody buy this beauty. just a great brush guru here selling a magnificent oldie.
Thank you Dave, you are too kind. The remodeling has taken effect doubly in that it is expensive and I had to clean up and organize my collection to keep it out of the dusty areas. When consolidating from multiple display/storage areas down into one, reality hit and I have way, way too many brushes and razors. Not to mention the reality that my collection cost more than the remodel...