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Rare Brush?

It’s an auction, and people are bidding these brushes up of their own free will. No harm no foul. If Paladin can make some extra money this way, more power to them. I have one Paladin brush, and it’s amazing. I can see the attraction of collecting these brushes. But I don’t suffer from that side of our hobby’s addictions fortunately. I have no issue with Paladin and their auctions.
I hope that the buyers are happy. I’ve owned one or two Paladins and found them to be underwhelming. North of $1500 there are far more interesting options than a plastic handle stuffed with gel tip badger IMO. However, it’s a free market and if Paladin can command these prices, good for them.


"Just Call Me Billy"
Actually is a PERFECT example of the free market system.

Wish I had a product that people were fighting over giving me money.

It's genius. Because I can absolutely garauntee that if someone had let that slip past quality control, a lucky buyer would have had it up for auction.
I agree this is the free market, and everyone is acting on their own free will. It is indeed an impressive display of ingenuity that makes more money—even if they stumbled on it accidentally.

That said, I’m probably less likely to buy their brushes if they use these marketing techniques. That’s also the free market at work.
Oh yes, I can understand it they are very nice brushes that's a fact, and if people are willing to pay it that's their choice 100%.
But the downside is what I'm saying is it's going to push the price up beyond the working man's price range, but that we will have to see in the future if the brushes go up on the website. Hope not as one day I will get one....
If I remember correctly, I believe Ken from Paladin owns a Rooney that was mislabeled to read 'Pooney.' What do you think that would fetch at auction?

Rooney into Pooney only takes knocking the right leg off the R. Like my “ HUBBY” where the lampblack wore off the C. Now if it said Looney it would be a different matter.
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