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rapiras, dull and rough

I have purchased two packs of Rapiras on ebay, from Turkey. These are russian blades, but not made in the St-Petersburgh plant. They are rather made in a different Moscow plant.
I can report that they shave OK for two shaves, very rough on the third, and murder on the fourth. On my average beard, they fell dull from the start, but did not cause irritation initially.
They also seem to prefer TTO Gillette, slim and superspeed, At least in my experience. I had the impression that they might be thicker than the average blade, which has evolved toward super-thin over time.
Anyone can report more on these blades?
I got the same blades (Moscow).. Those are the worst blades I've ever tried. In my case every single blade from the pack was rough and dull from first use, pulling and hardly cutting any hair. It was like shaving with a knife.

I have a different pack, labeled "Swedish Supersteel", with the Moscow address on the back. I've found that they are plenty sharp, but really unforgiving. Not smooth at all. For me, the third shave from the blade was the best. The first and second shaves left me with a lot of irritation, and a couple of nicks each time. After about the 5th shave, I noticed the sharpness was going. For me, the sweet spot for my rapiras was the 3rd-5th shaves, which were good DFS+, but, of course, YMMV.

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