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Rapira Super Stainless question

Hello all,

First, a disclaimer: I have not tried either of these two different Rapira Super Stainless blades yet. I bought them when I was overseas and saw them in a shop I frequent that carries some shaving products. I've seen the blue/black/pink box here on the boards several times, but never the blue box. The larger boxes of them in the store did have different UPC codes, so they are different somehow...I just don't know how. I bought a few of each and will certainly try them (they are next in my rotation, but I'm somewhat OCD and it's not their turn yet :001_smile), but I was curious if any of y'all had any knowledge on the differences or similarities of the blades.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Pictures of both boxes:
The one on the right (all blue) is the vintage one. Malocchio has shaved with them I believe.

Maybe not all that vintage: the blue package shows an imail.ru email address. That domain was created in 1999, so the package is no more than 16 years old.
I've used the P/B/B boxed blades, they're my second choice, behind Gillette Silver Blue, and ahead of Personna Meds & Astra Greens.
Thanks, everyone, for responding! My curiosity finally got the better of me, and I broke into the blue box this morning. Wow! I was impressed with the shave! I have been using Derby Platinums, and I seem to nick myself on them at least every other shave, if not more often. The blue Rapira box was a nice, smooth shave. I'll have to see if that is consistently the shave they give, and I'll certainly try the P/B/B ones too. I've heard many people speak well of the P/B/Bs. And considering they were both priced at about 29 cents a box of 10, if they shave well, I'm loading up when I go back overseas this summer! :thumbup:
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