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Ranking: The top 5 best shaving safety razors.

Ranking: The top 5 best shaving safety razors. . . including -- DE, SE, and Injector razors, and including new production & vintage razors.

* - I know that I am "opening a can of worms," and that this question is a YMMV question. . . There are no right or wrong answers, I just hope that everyone will share their honest opinions as to what they consider to be "The top 5 best shaving safety razors." . . . including -- DE, SE, and Injector razors, and including new production & vintage razors.
I very much prefer mild razors used with Feather blades, so this is my ranking of the 5 best shaving razors I've used so far:

1. Slim Adjustable
2. Post war Tech
3. Superspeed Blue Tip
4. Feather AS-D2
5. Super Adjustable 84
Gillette Super Speed (including the adjustable variations as well as the late 40s Aristocrat and clones like Weishi, Feather Popular and Baili).
Gillette Tech (including the clones like the Feather AS-D2).
GEM 1912 (including GEM Junior, EverReady, Star ...)
GEM MicroMatic.
One of the AC format razors probably the V2 Hawk.

Is this Déjà vu all over again?
Summer 2017

1.) Parker Variant (a clear No. 1)

2.) Charcoal Brass Level 2
3.) Timeless SB .68
4.) Fatip Testina Gentile
5.) Wolfman SB

DE's shave me closer and smoother than SE's. Never got past acceptable DFS with either the OneBlade or new Blackbird Sabre.

The surprise of the group is the Parker Variant. Phenomenal DE razor.

No can of worms at all. Everyone has a preference. It's just a razor.

List what works!
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For me, my top five DE razors are:
1. Gillette Old type
2. Gillette New type
3. British Aristcrat Jr.
4. Gillette Superspeed (1940's model)
5. Gillette Sheraton
All vintage for me:
1. Gillette Aristocrat 1946-47
2. Gillette Aristocrat #16
3. A toss between Gillette Slim/Fatboy Adjustables and 40's style SS
4. Rotbart Mond Extra (New RFB style)
5. Gillette New #88
Hmm top 5

1.gillette Fatboy
2. This was a close one but is gonna go to gillette 40s super speed
3. Gillette super adjustable (black beauty) which was almost #2
4. Gillette tech
5. Razorock mentor (or what ever maggards calls the same one)

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Not in any particular order:

Henckels Rapide
ER 1914
RR Wunderbar
Asylum RX
Gillette New

And if you open it up to the top 50, I can fill those in too.
Weber PH
Gillette New RFB Long Comb
Gillette Old Type Thick Head
Merkur 1904 Closed Comb
Gillette Rocket HD
Gillette thin cap Single ring
My custom tto made from Gillette parts
Two piece RFB Gillette
Czech LNH bakelite razor

This is what I use lately.

Not in any particular order...

1) Merkur Progress
2) Merkur Futur
3) Merkur 34c
4) Gillette Silm adjustable (H2)
5) Parker 99r

I think I need a new razor..... !
Difficult to answer and I will have some shared positions.

1. ikon X3 and ikon 102. 102 is maybe a slightly better shaver for daily shaving, but will clog with more beard. X3 is thus a bit more versatile as it is not easily clogged. Both deserve a shared first place.

2. My lightweight shavers, Saiver (loaded with only one blade + included shim) and Merkur 45 bakelite, share a second place.

3. PAA Bakelite slant is a good shaver, but picky with blades. This one would be higher up if the cap would be wider and give more support to the blade.

4. Merkur 15C. Nothing can clog this one.

5. Mühle R41, for super long lasting shaves.
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