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Random soap PIF - almost free

I've gotten crazy particular about what soaps I'll use, so my loss is your gain.

Anybody interested in a medium flat rate box full of random shaving soaps? Most aren't lathered on but no guarantees. You'd be responsible for the shipping cost of the box (around $15.50 CONUS). Not going to get into what is in the box but it's a nice mix or well known makers as well as some lesser known ones in all different scents.

I'd just ask that you do not resell the soaps but instead to PIF to someone else the ones that don't suit you.
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I have enough stuff to put together quite a few of these. So if you're interested please let me know.
I'll take it!
Nice! I’m down to try out any soaps you don’t like my friend. Only have one currently that I’ve had since I started this journey a couple months ago haha. That being said I’m in if there’s any other soaps to be PIFFED. Thanks for the opportunity kind sir!
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