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Ralph Lauren Safari

I don’t hear much Ralph Lauren Safari on the Forums. I bought a recent bottle, and liked it so much I obtained a bottle of vintage Cosmair—which smells like the new stuff but has more oomph and longevity. Any other fans out there?
Me! I really like it as well. I tracked down the vintage Cosmair EdT and aftershave a few years ago. I don't use it a ton, but I really do enjoy it on the occasions that I choose to wear it.
I used to like it a lot a couple/few decades ago and went through a couple bottles back then. I'm not positive but I may have even worn it on my wedding day. I do still have some vintage Polo Green that I'll wear from time to time. I'd completely forgotten about Sarari until you mentioned it. I wouldn't mind trying it again if I stumbled upon a vintage bottle.
I only started seeing bottles of it again in U.K. department stores fairly recently. It wasn’t one I remember from the first time around but I think it’s deserving of more acclaim than other fragrances from that time. I like it.
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