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R89 chrome or rosegold?

Have a hard time to decide about these two. I go back and forth about eich looks better than the other.

Anyone that seen them irl and have an opinion/advice?

I went thru the exact same dilemma. I went with the all chrome. Loved how it looked so much when I got it that I ordered the matching silvertip brush and razor/brush stand then said might as well go all in and threw in the Muhle chrome bowl for my MWF soap. They are both stunning in person, it comes down to which you prefer, you will not be disappointed by either.
I gave my SWMBO the rosegold R89 - I have not gotten a replacement as it was in/out of my rotation due to a short affliction RAD. Sooner or later, I will get a replacement R89 but I will probably just opt for its closely related sibling, the EJ DE89 Barley.
Wait till you see it on your den shelf along with your kent bk2, your slate moss scuttle and matching bowl, your barbicide jar filled with Astra SP blades ........ :c9:
:) started of with feathers, wilkinson, Timor, and derby blades and nomad soap. And ordered an enmalen cream coloured cup for that old fashioned look. And a best badger EJ brush. It HAVE to be good.
I don't know why, but I like the R89 with the rose gold handle and the R41 with the silver handle.
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