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R41 should I get one?

Can anyone give there opinion on the R41 or a open comb for that matter.

I have a Mergress which is great but I am having a hard time not pulling the trigger on a R41.

What benefit will a open comb have?
I just got an R41 for Christmas, and it's the only razor I've used since. Supposedly, the advantages of an open comb are:
  • It's great for long whiskers if you haven't shaved in a few days, because they don't clog the razor.
  • Good for hairs that lie flat, especially on the throat, because there is no safety bar to press them against your skin.
  • Without the safety bar wiping off the lather ahead of the blade edge, you get lubricant right against the blade, where it is needed most.
My only previous experience with an open comb was a Gillette Old Type, which I would never use two days in a row. But the R41 is so smooth, I can use it daily.
Pull the trigger, you will never know untill you try one. If it turns out you dont like it, sell it on the BST
I have both a mergress (long handle) and a r41. The r41 is an excellent razor, no question (getting myself a r89 when next payday comes) and if your gonna pull the trigger, do it as soon as possible as you will get dfs as a minimum, bbs with a little practice. The blade angle is a little different than a mergress but is mild enough to use daily, particularly with either derby, wilkinson swords or Israeli presonnas which are dead common here in the uk and virtually any soap and cream.

Go on, you know you want to :laugh::laugh::laugh:
The R41 is maybe (YMMV etc.) the nicest razor in production right now. If I would have to start over with what I know now this is probably the first one to pull the trigger on.

Don't deny this to yourself; you are clearly worth it! :001_rolle
No - you don't have a problem - welcome to the crowd - and, you will be getting a solution - at least for a while.
Just ordered one! Geeez!

I have a problem!!

Certainly not. My Progress in on current rotation, but my R41 paired with a Super Iridium blade is one of my favourite combinations. I tend to use a slightly shallower angle compared to closed comb razors. As another has said, it's good for picking up those hard to get hairs that closed combs skip over.
You won't be disappointed with a Muhle R41. Got mine for Christmas, and with a Feather blade, I get a BBS. The jury is still out as to whether I prefer it to my EJ89L though.

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