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Quirky Fragrances?

I'm a big fan of ELDO fragrances because I find them quite quirky and original. I buy into their marketing from the cool labels on the bottles down to the crazy names for their scents. I wore Charogne and Fat Electrician almost exclusively for two years.

I'm probably going to pick up Antiheros for the Spring but not being huge into fragrances, I was wondering if some of you guys could recommend some other quirky fragrance lines? I was looking at CB I hate perfumes and he has some interesting scents but would like some feedback first. Thanks!
Yes, Imaginary Authors is quirky. So is Slumberhouse, Smell Bent, Parfumerie Generale, O'Driu, PK Perfumes, and a few others - some are more quirky than others, obviously.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Has anyone sampled the Nu_Be line? These seem up my alley, especially the Carbon.
*** is Fat Electrician?

A scent from quirky house Etat Libre D'Orange (ELDO). It's a vetiver unusually built on a vanillic base. It opens with an odd top note that smells like burnt electrical wiring. That burns of quickly and leaves a unique take on vetiver. I like it and happen to be wearing it today
I don't know if it counts as quirky (it could just be my uneducated nose) but Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction smells like pure ozone on me. I like it, since I have bilateral tattoo sleeves of EKG tracings.
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