Quilt 2.0

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Mar 1, 2019.

    Great Job.! Well done.
  1. Though I've always thought this from seeing some of the "works of art" that you produce there is something truly wrong with you and I hope you never stop doing what you do so well... I'm certainly not a wood guy when it comes to handles but that is one I would proudly use!!
  2. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator

    I think it should be named-"That is Bigfoot's brush" :lol:
  3. Great way to use “waste” wood Steve. You got a pretty cool effect going on there.
  4. The more I see that one the more I like it. And I really liked it the 1st time I saw it.

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