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Quick way to save money

Stop bidding on items on ebay, this will achieve two very important things...

  1. You will save money
  2. I will get my Gillette adjustables purchased at a much lower price, thus I will save money

This is win-win, I can see no reason that you all shouldn't start following my plan immediately.
ada8356 said:
I concur completely! The site might be free to visit, but we all pay a steep price for it!!

And how! I've spent more on balms in the past 4 months then I have spent on balms throughout the rest of my life ... that said, there are benefits of these costs (a great shave, a nice online-experience and some great people to talk with here).
Save money? :confused:

Not by being a member of this site!

I only save so that i have more to spend on shaving equipment.

tonyespo said:
OUCH!!! I have that one on my watch list and I was hoping it would fly under the radar. Let the bidding wars begin.

ptbsr is a re-seller. Is this incentive to bid? Will we regard him as a Reynoldsart? Will John marry Janet? Is Mary carrying Fred or Tom's baby? Tune in tomorrow for another episode for As the Stomach Churns!

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