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Quick test for lather slickness when I bowl lather or from lather from brush squeezed out.

How do you determine lather slickness?

  • Do you test in a shaved area of face with wet fingers to rejuvenate residual slickness.

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  • Do you test with residual lather from shave with wet hands and rubbing hands with left over lather?

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Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
I often use other folks reviews of soap or cream for lather qualities when buying soaps and just take the plunge and buy. Most shave soaps have adequate slickness but lately I have been leaving a small amount of lather pushed in the corner of my bowl to test slickness. After done shaving I wet my hands and take a smear of lather from the bowl and wash my hands to see how good the slickness is present with my lather just mixed. It is surprizing how accurate my hands process the glide or slickness of the lather.
I have been doing this to most of my soaps lately and a few that seem to be above the others in my shave soap lot. Some folks mix their soaps differently so the final lather is what your usually happy with visually but my kind method just simplifies this a little easier IMO. It is amazing how by hands rubbing one another together with present lather tells you how good the slickness is present.
A couple of my soaps & creams that stand out above the rest so far is Speick Stick(tallow) & Gillette Pure cream consistently from my normal mixed lather.
My previous method was to use a wet fingers on a shaved area of my face to feel & rejuvenate residual slickness to test how much slickness was present in that shaved area.
Just curious type learning still on improving my ways and buying habits. How do you test slickness of lather?

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Thanks for the tip Ron. I usually rub my fingers on part of my neck but I'll try your way.
I was thinking also it will indicate how well a person has mixed his lather up before applying. I tried some Cyril R Salter Indian Sandalwood this morning and the it has good slickness and the fragrance is stellar. Very good cream if you like Sandalwood IMO.
@Ron R
I like to read your innovative and thoughtful write-ups.

I went and did a couple practice lathers and yes there was a difference in slickness when washing my hands.
Palmolive (in the green tube) was not as slick as OPR Bay Rum. In previous threads OPR had been discussed as a good pre-shave. I have Nivea Sensitive Calm cream and will see how it compares.

I have mostly given up on pre-shave products but your simple hand washing slickness idea could provide some insight into their effectiveness.

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
I have used my residual lather to face wash post shave. Usually great slickness as far as I can tell. And it reduces shaving waste as an added bonus.

When you wash your face it is much similar to washing your hands (maybe better for some folks) and it will indicate slickness also. I brush wash my face for a pre-shave with a mild soap called CeraVe every morning for about 3 + years so I use my hands a for testing. Over time it indicates the weak slickness soaps and creams IMO.
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